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Turn your Android device into a powerful TTS server, using the many powerful voices and TTS engines for Android.
Download Android app from here
Through the windows client, you can:
- Record and listen to a text
- Save the audio files derived from text
- Create audio files massively
- Import a CSV file with text, file name, language to allow the massive conversion
- Export a CSV file to save the job done
- Through a SSH connection on a linux server to export the audio file
- Run a conversion script on linux server
(Example: sox /tmp/[FILE].wav -r 8000 /tmp/[FILE].gsm resample -ql;mv /tmp/[FILE].gsm /usr/share/asterisk/sounds/ga/[FILE].gsm)
click here for download

Particularly suitable for IVR telephone servers.
Through the following source code, AndroTTS server can become a free Text To Speech for Asterisk.
click here for istructions and download
You can download the source for Asterisk 1.8 and 1.12 for the-fly conversion of audio messages and run the script like this:
exten => 9632,1,NoOp("AndroTTS") exten => 9632,n,Answer exten => 9632,n,AndroTTS(This is supported by the app asterisk motor AndroTTS,EN,,3383)

It is possible to build applications that exploit AndroTTS in any language, the programming is simple.
Open a socket on ip and port programmed on AndroTTS, send the text (if needed you can set the language, after the text send a TAB followed by the language eg EN) and then ending with '\n'.
On the Socket will arrive 8 bytes with the length of the file followed by the audio file bytes in wav format.         
For those who need I can provide numerous examples of code.
Download Windows Example
Download Linux Example
 by Andrea Zuccoli © 2021